do you ever do school visits?

I would love to, please email me!

what are you working on at the moment?

right now I’m getting Euphoria Kids ready for publication. I’m also working on what I am hoping will be my next book published, a story set in the Yarra Valley, where a non-binary teen named Ivy goes back home for the summer, to find that their mother’s house is haunted.

when does Euphoria Kids come out?

feb 2020.

do Ida and Highway Bodies have sequels?

they do not, I’m sorry!

will Damaris and Adrastos make more appearances?

I have many, many plans.

where are your social media profiles?

I have twitter, facebook and instagram.

do you have a newsletter?

my tinyletter is a newsletter of sorts, but it is more like a writing diary.

are your books #ownvoices?

my books are #ownvoices for bisexual and non-binary representation.

how can i support your work?

buy my books or ask me to do work for you. Share articles I write or buy my zines from my etsy shop. I also have a patreon which is currently on hiatus but may be resurrected in the future.

how can I support your work without spending money?

borrow my books from a library (if they don’t have them, ask them to buy them!) Leave reviews on places like goodreads if you’ve read the books. Tell your friends about them!